As  a Catholic school, Religious Education is at the heart of our curriculum and all students learn about the Catholic faith and other world religions. The curriculum we offer is highly stimulating and requires students to engage verbally and work collaboratively. All topics studied are compliant with the Catholic Curriculum Directory. KS3 follow People of God which builds on from the KS2 Catholic programme of study ‘Come and See’. At KS4 all students follow the Edexcel specification A course in Religious Studies.

Exam Specification
RE GCSE Specification
RE A Level Specification

Curriculum Pathways & Schemes of Work
KS3 RE Pathway
KS4 RE Pathway

Key Stage 3

In year 7, 8 & 9 Religious Education is taught in mixed- ability groups and follows the People of God scheme which is complemented by the learning they have completed at primary. In addition, they develop knowledge and understanding about the life of Jesus , St John Baptiste de La salle and Lasallian values as well as world religions.

Year 9 is a course developed to meet the needs of our students topics include Community Cohesion, Matters of Life & Death and Relationships & Families in our 21st Century Christian world.


Key Stage 4

At GCSE, all students study Religious Education Edexcel Specification A.

Paper 1 Catholic Christianity  

Written exam 1hr 40 mins = 50% of total grade
Topic areas – Beliefs and Teachings, Practices, Sources of Wisdom and Authority, Forms of Expression.

Paper 2 Judaism

Written exam 50 mins  = 25% of total grade
Topic areas – Judaism Beliefs & Teachings, Judaism Practices.

Paper 3 Philosophy & Ethics

Written exam 50 mins = 25% of total grade
Topic areas – Arguments for the Existence of God, Religious Teachings on Relationships & Families in 21st Century.


Sixth Form

All students in Sixth Form receive one lesson per fortnight of Catholic Religious Studies (CRS) where they are given the opportunity to extend and enrich their religious education and faith. In addition, they attend workshops and seminars from outside agencies in order to develop personal spirituality and knowledge and understanding of the world around them as Christians today.

Year 12 & 13 Students are completing Key Stage 5 – Eduqas Specification Route A in

  • Philosophy
  • Ethics
  • Christianity

Students will study inductive and deductive arguments for the existence of God, Problem of Evil, Religious Experience, Ethical Language and Thought, Natural Law, Situation Ethics, Utilitarianism, Religious figures, concepts and practices and how all of these are applied in the world today.

Religious Studies offers an interesting and intellectually challenging A Level. Religious Studies helps develop an understanding of spiritual, ethical, social, moral and cultural studies.

Philosophy and Ethics promotes sharp thinking and will turn you into a great thinker.


Career Opportunities

Career opportunities the subject can lead and contribute to are Education, Health Care, Social Work, Law, Charity Work, Journalism and Human Resources and many others.