All meals at Cardinal Langley are provided by P and A Food Management Services

As chef for the school I want to provide a quality meal service that is fresh daily, reasonable in cost, creative in terms of style and presentation and uses locally-sourced produce. I am passionate about food and I want to serve meals that are healthy, nutritious and full of flavour. My philosophy is to innovate and educate and I take great pride in my work.

My role in school is not simply to serve food though. It is also to educate the children about food and inspire them to lead healthier lives and adopt healthier lifestyles. I also liaise with the Food Technology department to plan and deliver lessons on food preparation and cooking techniques.

P and A are “Passionate about Food and Service”

The new ParentPay service was introduced in September 2016 for Year-7 Parents.  This is now being prepared for Years 8-to-11 and letters will be issued during  November..

Menu – Week 1

Menu – Week 2

Menu – Week 3

Menu – Week 4

P&A Food Management – Price Tariff (September 2016)