• We expect students to be correctly and smartly dressed in school at all times and to take pride in their appearance.


  • Black blazer with school badge- must always be worn
  • White school shirt: must be tucked in all the way round and be fastened at the collar
  • School clip-on tie
  • Plain, black skirt: knee-length, A-line or pleated or
  • Plain, black school trousers: tailored leg, waist band and zip
  • Plain, black socks/tights
  • Footwear: plain, black, leather, low heeled, low cut shoes that do not come above the ankle. Trainers, boots and canvas shoes are not to be worn. Click here for examples.
  • Optional: A plain, black, V-neck, fine-knit sweater only may be worn under the blazer


  • The only items of jewellery allowed are a watch and one plain, small, gold or silver coloured stud in the lobe of each ear.


Hairstyles should be tidy and a reasonable length (no shorter than a number 2)

  • Plain hair clips, slides and bobbles may be used to keep hair tidy.
  • Extreme hairstyles (e.g. shaved, shaved patterns, long spiked, are not allowed.
  • Hair should be of one natural colour and not dyed.


  • Students are not allowed to wear make-up, nail varnish or have false nails or false eyelashes.


  • Students are expected to comply with the uniform expectations. Those who do not will face a consequence which may include removal/confiscation of items and/or being isolated from lessons.


Our approved supplier for official items of uniform, such as the school blazer, tie and PE kit, is Top Form/Monkhouse

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