The rewards system gives you the opportunity to pick your rewards and spend your PRAISE Points.

You may like to go for smaller rewards or perhaps save up your Points for one of the larger rewards – it’s entirely up to you; however you will need to manage this carefully!

Your teachers will award you PRAISE Points for a number of reasons including:

Attendance, Punctuality, Smart Appearance, Bringing the correct equipment, Bringing Journal/ Having Journal signed, Participation, Responsibility, Attendance, Initiative, Standards and Excellence

Keep a look out on the TVs and on the Rewards Board for up-coming rewards, to see which House is leading in the PRAISE Point Competition and to find out who has won the Gold Card and Attendance draws.

How do I spend my PRAISE Points?

Between Monday and Thursday you will be able to spend your PRAISE Points for the rewards displayed in the catalogue.   You can do this via the Rewards Order Form below.

Some rewards will be able to be delivered to you on the Friday during Registration e.g. stationery/vouchers, whilst for others you will receive a signed voucher, for example for the canteen or disco/prom ticket – these are then used at a later date.

Before you cash in your PRAISE Points, please ensure you have enough by asking your form tutor (they will be given weekly updates). Also, make sure you know what reward you would like to spend your PRAISE Points on.

Please note that the Rewards Catalogue will be continually reviewed and as a result some PRAISE Point values may change, extra items added or items removed.

Rewards Catalogue

Items you may purchase with your Praise Points. Click on the link to view the catalogue (it opens in a new tab). Enter your name, form and the items you would like to purchase ~ using the order form below.

Praise Shop Catalogue

Students – enter your order requests here to ‘spend’ your Praise Points.

The Rewards Ordering is now closed for this year.  From next year, rewards will be redeemed using VIVOs….
You will be told how to do this at the start of the September Term 2015.