Modern Foreign Languages

The ability to be fluent in a foreign language is both useful for travel opportunities and enhances career prospects. Universities and employers value the skills that an additional language can bring. All students are encouraged to learn a language and come into direct contact with the countries where the languages are spoken.

Exam Specification
French GCSE Specification
Spanish GCSE Specification
French A Level Specification
Spanish A Level Specification

Curriculum Pathways & Schemes of Work
KS3 French Pathway
KS3 Spanish Pathway
KS4 Languages Pathway

Key Stage 3

Both French and Spanish are taught at Cardinal Langley. Students are offered the opportunity to express a preference for one of the languages prior to joining us in Year 7 and we endeavor to accommodate this preference. Students then study this language throughout Years 7, 8 and 9. In Year 7 students develop the basic language skills across the four key areas of listening, speaking, reading and writing. In Years 8 and 9 pupils develop and build on the skills acquired to gain a good understanding of key grammatical rules, tenses and cultures where the languages are spoken; to enable them to communicate effectively. French and Spanish lessons during Key Stage Three encourage students to grow in confidence, enjoyment and become more culturally aware when speaking the language that they are learning.

Key Stage 4

GCSE French and GCSE Spanish offer the opportunity to build on the skills which have developed during Key Stage Three, and the course is structured in an identical way in both languages. It is designed to give language practice for numerous “real life” situations, as well as good knowledge of the vocabulary and grammar of the language, which are needed for practical communication.

Sixth Form

A GCSE in a foreign language is a qualification which is highly regarded by many employers and further and higher education institutions. A good GCSE grade in French or Spanish will allow students to access the A-Level courses in languages. Many skills acquired during the A-Level course are also highly valued in many other subject areas, and in the world of work. Languages can be combined with almost any other subject area at both A-Level and at university. Foreign languages are also considered to be facilitating subjects when applying to Russell Group universities.