Other Non KS4 GCSE

ECDL Entry Statement

All of our current KS4 learners have received over 240 hours of discrete teaching in ICT during their time in Cardinal Langley. Some students opt to carry on with ICT at GCSE level and we offer the CIDA course for such students. We also offer GCSE Computing. A high proportion of our students, therefore, continue with ICT/Computing based qualifications up until the end of y11.

For some students this is not the case and as part of our CEIAG focus in year 10 we offer the opportunity to gain a qualification in ICT, namely the ECDL. This is recognised as improving the employability skills of pupils who are not currently studying any computer based qualifications. This becomes the first Level 2 qualification that students achieve and as such serves as a motivational tool for students at risk of disengagement. It also benefits the students in other subjects by enabling them to complete assignments more effectively, increase productivity and utilise their new skills in the organisation of study and revision throughout year 11.

The ECDL course is taught by the ICT department using specialist staff. It is timetabled during the allocated CEIAG time for a targeted group of students and in some cases extra time is available during period 6. It is not an alternative for ICT or any other option choice / GCSE course and we deem it suitable for approximately 30% of our cohort.

BTEC Home Cooking Skills

A small minority of our students follow the BTEC Home Cooking course at Level 1 / 2. This is not on the approved list for the performance tables and as such does not contribute to the Progress 8 score of the school. However, for the individual students involved it is an extra Level 1 or 2 qualification and an opportunity to develop necessary life skills. This is in addition to the seven recognised GCSE’s that this group of LA students will follow.