What People Said

‘I had a great time in 6th form. Studying for A-levels is hard work and it does require a lot of determination and effort, but you get all the help you need from the teachers. I got involved in lots of events that are on offer in the 6th form and went on many trips’
Jack, leaver summer 2017

‘Sixth Form at Cardinal Langley was a really positive experience for me. I made lots of friends and did really well in my final exams. The teachers were really supportive and they had really high standards’
– Louie, leaver summer 2017

‘I really enjoyed my time at Cardinal Langley. I was pushed by my teachers a lot but I was also well supported throughout my time there’
– Hannah, leaver summer 2017

‘Sixth Form was great. I made lots of friends, had a good time but also worked hard. I got some good grades that has enabled me to go on to study Politics, Philosophy and Economics at Nottingham University’
– Rory, leaver 2017

‘My time at Cardinal Langley has greatly improved my confidence, independence and made what is a stressful time in my life as fun and enjoyable as possible through many different ways’
– Charlie, current Year 13

‘Coming back to college Cardinal Langley was the best decision I could have made and it has completely changed my view of what I thought the sixth form experience was going to be’
– Emelye, current Year 13