Sixth Form Application

Please complete the form below to apply to join Cardinal Langley’s Sixth Form for September 2018. Part-forms are NOT saved to return later. It is a long form; we suggest you also print and retain a hard copy of the page.

  • Student Information

  • Parent/Guardian Information

  • GCSE Grades

  • Name, Position & Email
  • A Level Choices

    Notes : You can mix A-Level courses and vocational courses to suit your needs. Please have in mind our guidance on page 7 of the Sixth Form prospectus before making your decisions. The specific subject areas have provided specific guidance for students that helps them to know which courses are likely to be appropriate for them or not. When you have chosen, please rank your courses in order from 1 to 4 ( 1 = “must have” ) as this helps us to create the best possible timetable for you.
  • This might include extra-curricular activities undertaken/certificates held or Duke of Edinburgh scheme, that may ultimately assist in compiling a Personal Statement; or what about the chosen subject(s) inspires you. Your current thoughts on Post 18 career path/intentions.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.