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Football Fixtures

  Date Year  Opponent Competition Location Kick Off
 01/03/17 9 Matthew Moss League Home 4pm
06/03/17 9 Kingsway Park League Away 3:30pm
07/03/17 8 Matthew Moss Rochdale Cup Home 4pm
08/03/17 9 Falinge Park League Home 3:45pm
 08/03/17 10 St. Cuthbert’s League Away 3:30pm
 09/03/17 7 Kingsway Park League Home 3:15pm
 14/03/17 9 Oulder Hill League Away 3:30pm
 15/03/17 8 Wardle League Away 3:30pm
15/03/17 10 Holy Family League Home 3:30pm
16/03/17 7 Oulder Hill Rochdale Cup Away 3:30pm



 Date Year Opponent Competition  Location Kick Off