KS3 Report response

Dear Parent/Carer,

We have collated the responses to our recent parent survey on the reports you received in December. Thank you to those who completed the survey and for the many additional comments which will be taken on board and will allow us to improve our reports ahead of the next assessment window/reports cycle in March.

The vast majority of parents agreed that the reports could be improved in terms of the format & content with many making particular reference to the new 9-1 step and where this related to pupils progress.

A summary of the responses:
Strongly Agree Agree
I would prefer it if a grid showing expected progress at each half-term was included with the report. 57% 34%
The report contained too much information/detail. 11% 29%
I like that the report is skills-based and can see what my child can do & is developing towards in each subject. 5% 46%
I am more comfortable with the skills based report because it links with the primary school method of mastery, secure, developing etc. 5% 32%
The Doddle `step` from 9-1 makes sense to me. 5% 12%
I don`t understand enough about the new 9-1 grades to make sense of the grading aspect of the report. 31% 42%
I would prefer if the report had a simple Yes/No against `Making progress`. 37% 36%
I would prefer if the report replaced the Doddle step with a system which simply said, `Mastering`, `Secure`, `Developing`, `Not yet at` etc. 37% 43%
I understand the Attitude to Learning grades from 1-4. 45% 20%
It would prefer a progress score of 1-4 in line with the Attitude to Learning until more is known about the 9-1 GCSE grades. 31% 40%


  • Although 91% of parents/carers felt the report would be improved if a progress grid based on the Doddle step was attached, the later responses to alternative ways of reporting on progress were also preferred.
  • 80% of parents/carers liked the idea of rating progress as ‘Mastering’, ‘Secure’ etc. 73% felt that a simple Yes/No against progress would be sufficient & 71% agreed that having progress measured on a scale of 1-4 against similar criteria to the Attitude to Learning grade would be a more consistent approach.
  • 97% of parents/carers stated that they would attend a presentation on the new 9-1 grades which links with the low 17% who stated that the Doddle step made sense to them.
  • The attitude to learning grade and descriptors are fine as long as the descriptors are attached with the report.
  • There were mixed views on the inclusion of skills which were secure or developing. A number of parents/carers commented on the impersonal nature of the report. It is worth noting that these Doddle reports DO NOT replace the teacher text reports scheduled for June. Normally the reports would contain data only. 51% liked the idea of the report being skills-based with 37% agreeing that it was in line with primary school methods of reporting.
  • 40% felt that the report contained too much detail. Of the 60% who disagreed, many felt that it was the clarity and interpretation of the detail in the report which was the issue.


  • We will keep the secure/developing skills in the next report as views on these were mixed. Some parents/carers clearly value them so we will keep them in. However, please be aware that these are NOT teacher comments & come directly from skills tested on Doddle so will be impersonal.
  • We will remove the Doddle step from future reports, instead replacing with a scale of 1-4 in line with the Attitude to Learning grade. The 1-4 scale will be labelled ‘Mastering’, ‘Secure’, ‘Developing’ & ‘Novice’. This change combines preferences of 2 of the questions on the survey.
  • We will deliver presentations on the 9-1 grades in the next half-term. Even though the 9-1 won’t be used in upcoming reports, understanding these national changes will be beneficial and necessary in years to come.
  • Descriptors for Attitude to Learning & Progress 1-4 grades will accompany reports.


If you would like to make any further comments on the outcomes above, please email directly at