One of our main priorities is to keep disaffected pupils in school and working in class, whilst at the same time addressing the issues which may act as as a barrier to learning and achieving.

  • The team carries out  one-to-one work with students, group work  reconciliation  and restorative meetings in a either face-to-face or  group settings;
  • We work closely with all additional professional services within the Rochdale authority;
  • We carry out re-tracking work for students;
  • We work closely with children and their parents/carers;
  • We carry out transition work with year 6 pupils at each of our partner schools and cover year seven entrants from  all non-partner schools;
  • We work in collaboration with each of our secondary schools within Middleton (TYS)
  • We provide anger management classes;
  • We liaise between families and adolescent medical health services including bereavement services
  • We provide a comprehensive support service for all looked after children.

The department prides itself on the work that it does and has received positive comments from Ofsted (Jan 2012), Diocesan Inspection (March 2012) and Healthy Schools Inspection, in which Cardinal Langley was awarded an enhanced award.