Governor Skill Set Audit

How to use it

To take account of differing roles of MAT trustees and those governing in other contexts, NGA has developed two separate models. This model is to be used by governors, trustees and academy committee members of single schools.

No individual is going to have all the skills listed in the audit. The governing board is a team, and the purpose of the audit is to ensure that each skill below is covered by at least one of the governors/trustees around the table. A skills matrix in which responses can be collated can be found on the NGA website. If there are any gaps, these can be used to inform further recruitment to the board.

This exercise is designed to enable all members of the governing board to set out their skills and experience whatever their backgrounds, and make clear that the essential and desirable skills for governance can be acquired through a range of life experiences. The skills and knowledge sought are those which enable governors to ask the right questions, analyse data and have focussed discussions which create robust accountability for school leaders.

Each Knowledge, experience, skill or behaviours should be rated on a scale of 1-5, with 1 indicating no experience or knowledge in this area, and 5 indicating strong expertise.

  • 1. Strategic Leadership

  • 2. Accountability

  • 3. People

  • 4. Structures

  • 5. Compliance

  • 6. Evaluation